About Us

Fusion Engineering Suppliers was established in the year 2008 with utmost focus to bring in unique expertise and unmatched services in an ever-challenging industry that defines the global economy’s framework – Oil and Gas, and Marine Industry. We felt there is a gap in the market for an efficient, economic, competitive and reliable solution provider. These are the attributes that we have maintained as our core principle to serve you better.

Over the years we have invested and built a strong dedicated engineering and sales practice that includes an industry leading workforce with extensive experience working with various of our global customers. 

Our company specializes in the design, procurement, supply and manufacture of spare parts and equipments widely used in the Oil, Gas, Power, Petrochemical and Marine Industries.

Our strategy to combine unparalleled industry knowledge, global workforce and client expectations exceeding delivery capabilities and rigour has transformed our organization as one of the most trusted brands and partner of choice for our customers in the gulf region.

We Specialized in